Take Advantage of AMO Councillor Training at the OSUM Conference

February 03, 2023

AMO is offering a special, in-person session of its councillor training at the 2023 OSUM Annual General Meeting and Conference, Springtime in Paris, April 26 – 28, 2023. This important opportunity will provide not only insight and skills into the roles and responsibilities of municipal governance and local leadership but also an opportunity to meet and learn from your colleagues from across Ontario.

This session will be held on Wednesday April 26. The training has been scheduled to ensure you have an opportunity to take full advantage of all conference programming.

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About AMO’s Councillor Training

AMO has modernized its training to reflect the realities, responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of municipally elected officials in today’s context and as events occur in real time.  
As your Association, AMO understands the complexities of local leadership and is providing the knowledge, skills and tools that are required for success through our training. Delivered by experienced Chief Administrative Officers, Jim Pine and Tony Haddad, AMO’s New Councillor Training also features subject matter experts where critical insights will be gained to help you in managing diverse aspects and expectations on issues that you will find before throughout your term.

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Overview of the training

The demanding arena of municipal politics requires you to be up-to-date on issues (many!) and have the skills and insight to manage expectations and relations, while delivering on strategies and commitments in a relatively short period of time. This is a tall order. AMO’s New Councillor Training provides the foundations and insights to support you as you take on the role of local leader. AMO’s training also provides the opportunity to meet, learn and grow with colleagues from across Ontario.

This interactive training examines:

  • Roles and Responsibilities -Your role as a Member of Council
  • The role of Municipal Staff
  • Councillors as Individuals
  • Personal liability, Municipal Conflict of, Interest, Code of Conduct, the Role of Integrity Commissioners
  • Insight into need-to-know legislation and policy
  • Municipal Finance and strategic planning
  • The fiscal responsibilities, and realities of municipalities
  • Financial Reporting and asset management
  • Human rights and equity
  • And more

Fee: $525.00 (+hst)

A $75.00 cancellation fee applies

Participation is limited to 30 per session.

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